Home Care

Our Commitment to Warranty

In the ensuing months after handover, you may experience or notice some minor defects in your new home. Often this is a perfectly normal occurrence due to the settling of the house.

As part of our customer service, we invite you to refer to clause 39 of your HIA Victoria New Homes Contract which provides that we, as the Builder, “must fix any additional defects in the building works that the owner [you] notifies in writing within 3 months or earlier” of you taking possession of your property or the date we hand over possession of the property to you.

If you notice any defects within this period, you may complete the 3 Month Home Care Form provided in your Handover Pack and return to our Warranty/Maintenance Team office during this New Home Warranty period.

For further information, please refer to your Hermitage Home Care Process and Guidelines booklet in your Handover Pack or contact our Homecare department.

Manufacturers Warranty

Hermitage Homes partner some of Australia’s leading suppliers and manufacturers in the construction of your new home. Each provides a comprehensive warranty to support their products. If you experience failure in any of our manufacturer’s products in your home, you may contact the relevant supplier directly to arrange a service call under their manufacturer’s warranty. This will ensure your issue is handled in the most efficient manner. Please refer to the brochures and warranty documents for the relevant supplier provided to you upon installation or in your Handover Pack.

Structural Warranty

In addition to internal and manufacturer’s warranty, Hermitage Homes is fully insured by QBE who provides comprehensive cover for domestic building work performed by a Licensed Builder for the period of six (6) years after the Completion Date of the insurable domestic building work. The insurance policy applies where the contracted building works are incomplete or defective and the builder has died, disappeared or become insolvent. Please refer to the Hermitage Home Care Process and Guidelines booklet provided to you in the Handover Pack for more information.

Homecare Help Line:  03 9213 0500

Email: homecare@hermitagehomes.com.au